Openwell helps Herddle to first close of £560K

Openwell has been helping Herddle get started and I love what I see: Here’s a business that I believe will correlate commercial and social returns just brilliantly!

I think it will totally transform what we expect from our property partners.

Herddle was started by James fforde, an experienced and accomplished entrepreneur and Jess Ford, an energetic banker who left her glittering career behind to give tenants, especially key workers, better value for money AND better service – enter: Herddle.

Jess experienced first-hand the bother of huge rents and appalling service and thought something should be done to give the ‘rental generation’ a hand up by bringing rental management into the digital age. James has been a Landlord for years and was aghast at the cost and service considered normal. 

Tech saves time and money for everybody involved and delivers faster, more transparent and cheaper service. Why not communicate with your agent via WhatsApp, or view account statements real-time or receive tax statement by download? Why not deal with your property portfolio like you would your shares? Still with people providing high-touch service, but at last tech–enabled.

Obvious – right?

Herddle did a first close of £560k and already have a sales pipeline north of £20m. The apps are imminent, the interactive website is about to go live, and I am talking to the NHS to see how their nurses could stand first in line to benefit from this new offering.

Watch this space…

Patrick McDonald

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