Openwell helps Heroica close its first funding round

Funding success for Heroica Coffee

Social Enterprise Coffee Plantation meets funding target

‘Openwell was catalytic and helpful and we look forward to continue working with them going forward’ states CEO Craig Johnson.


Now following the success of the recent funding round, Heroica Coffee is set to start planting its 100,000 organic coffee trees together with the Kalinga Tribe in tropical highlands in the Philippines. Working closely with the Kalinga (meaning head hunter) it aims to revive an age old coffee industry based on a ‘fair for all’, inclusive business model that will create a level playing field and much needed jobs.


It’s said that 90% of coffee production around the world is considered ‘backyard’ farming. Growers often have little or no access to modern farming techniques/practices which leads to a lower grade product and very small returns – or poverty and exploitation.


With simple farming technology and best practice Heroica believes we can establish a win-win solution empowering our growers to live a life of growing prosperity and dignity.


‘For me this is the start of a real adventure to see if we can contribute to a better way of making better coffee. The plantation has potential to be very rewarding for the growers and their families, the environment, shareholders and the charities that will benefit.’ Explains Craig Johnson CEO and filmmaker who initially started this journey to support its charities in the region.


‘Heroica coffee is totally committed to growing coffee in an environmentally sustainable way, and in a way that benefit the local tribes people – the growers – more than anyone else’ says managing director Alastair Clyne, an experienced social entrepreneur.


The project has been warmly welcomed by tribal members and local officials: ‘If the project is successful it will help people with employment and better livelihoods’ says Vice Governor James Edduba. The project will create over 50 jobs this year which is likely to double as the project expands in year two.


Heroica Coffee’s key partner in the region is Rocky Mountain Cafe. Established and renowned in the Philippines, Rocky Mountain provide support with training, technology, quality seedlings and importantly access to market with a purchase agreement already in place.


Heroica Coffee: Heroica is an Arabica Coffee Plantation and milling complex, set within the beautiful Philippine highland regions and indigenous communities of the Kalinga tribe. For more information please visit or

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