Discover, design, deliver

Openwell has a tried and tested process to turn good ideas into world changing solutions. We discover the social, environmental, and economic factors which will impact your organisation, work with your team to design a solution, before helping to deliver on the plan by building systems, gathering a team, and, where needed, finding external funding.


Maximum impact, maximum return

Openwell strives to drive maximum social impact and maximum return.

We seek to build long term relationships with investors, based on trust and a mutual appreciation and awareness of profit with a purpose

We have outlined a theory of social and environmental change, which drives decisions in our investment and advisory practice.

With relevant sector experience across microfinance, humanitarian, development, and local community impact, we are well-placed to discover credible investment opportunities with genuine social impact.


Collaborative and scalable

We have a track record of launching and developing collaborative, scalable philanthropic solutions on five continents. Working with a range of individual and institutional donors, we help to define common ground between donors and discover effective organisations to maximise the impact of giving. Through strategic philanthropy, we seek to scale models which can have wide social impact.