Our work with you has to directly build your business:

We help discern smart choices that define direction, maximise resources and set up a comprehensive path for growth in the area of social innovation and impact.

Business Planning
We help start-ups create 5 year and Annual business plans to grow their business and make them investment ready.
We work with corporate clients to map out social impact ideas and integrate them into their overall business plans.

We lead high-energy ideas workshops to create solutions that both address a social need and do so in a way that is financially attractive.

Our action planning is realistic, innovative, measurable and achievable and as hands-on as our client needs it to be.

We only recommend and monitor measurements that can be assessed accurately on the ground and which will drive actionable learning for the organisation and business.

Change Management
We help in the process of aligning organisations and operations to strategic priorities.

Partnership Building
We love creating collaborations across government, NGO and corporate institutions in order to create bold new solutions to tough problems.

Our research has a hallmark – it is always focused on the ‘So What?’ and has actionable recommendations

Brand Development
A great idea needs a great brand identity – we help find the unique position and personality and build a brand that stands-out, adds value, and lasts through the years.

Clever plans are important but they also need to convince others and do so in a way that changes hearts, heads and behaviour.  We have expertise in every element of the marketing mix, including film, print, online and investor pitches.

Openwell consultancy

For more information about Openwell’s approach to consultancy please contact Patrick McDonald or Alex Lloyd Davies on: