An Emergency Fund for your Employees

Being there when it counts


The Opportunity

Imagine how good it would be if your company could offer grants to employees and their close family when they face extraordinary financial challenges.

Imagine how it could transform individual employees’ lives and also create pride across the whole company.

Imagine if it was set up in a way that meant, at speed, money could be deployed at a moment of crisis.

Supporting Lives In Times Of Need

A fund can offer grants of c. £300-3000 to help employees in a personal crisis due to circumstances outside of your control. For emergency support following a natural disaster. For a health crisis and recovery.

“The Mobile Defibrillator has given us our lives back. It’s given us freedom. We can go on holiday, even just go for a walk, without worrying that we won’t come back. We can live without fear.”

“I had no savings to purchase flight tickets to see my terminally ill mother in Nigeria. I wanted to see her so desperately, so I applied to the Fund to see if they could support me. I was so happythat they did”

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Make It Happen With Ease

Openwell is an Oxford-based social innovation consultancy with expertise in setting up and running these funds.

We have created a ready to go “Fund-in-a-Box” approach to make setting up and operating a fund as easy as possible.

Evaluation and impact reporting

Provide stories of impact for internal comms

A grant processing function, reporting and monitoring

Support to envision and energise staff with internal comms

Communication letter templates for application success/not

Charity infrastructure or support in establishing structures and financial grants

Interviews and analysis

Criteria for application assessment

Easy-to-use application process

Project timeline and tools

Checklist of easy-to-select options around key fund scope and features

Make It Happen With Ease

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