we help


‘do more good’

Many multinationals are seeking to do more good, responding to calls from consumers and customers, along with heightened expectations around transparency, responsibility, and sustainability. In a nutshell because companies find that doing good is good for business.

We work together with our clients to design and implement strategies and ideas that both grow their bottom line and impact communities and the environment for the better.

Our work with clients can range from diagnosis and idea workshops, through to long-term, in-depth partnerships, co-managing large programmes.


‘do good business’

A new generation of entrepreneur is seeking to incorporate social impact within their business model. We help entrepreneurs to commercialise their world-changing solutions, providing consultancy and access to capital.


‘doing good with capital’

We work with a growing group of investors seeking robust financial return while achieving credible social impact. Through our advisory practice, we are able to present scalable, socially impactful investment opportunities across a range of sectors. Openwell has often helped these businesses get investment ready, adding further confidence in their financial and social value.


‘doing good, better’

Some of the world’s most pressing problems require not-for-profit engagement, which can be scaled to have dramatic impact. We work with charities, philanthropists, and intermediaries to build and scale collaborative solutions


'doing good, better'

We recognise that some world-changing solutions are housed in charities and non-profit organisations. Our team consists of charity founders, leaders, and senior advisors, able to help charities who are addressing pressing social issues by providing a full suite of advisory services, including designing and delivering on multi-faceted fundraising strategies.